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Baguettes! We hand – form and bake them every morning in time to deliver fresh to local stores within a couple hours.

Ginger Molasses

The best ginger molasses cookies… sweet enough but not too sweet, these big gingery cookies are full of flavor.
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Ciabatta is a somewhat irregular, slightly “dusty” loaf- so named, apparently because of its resemblance to a slipper or shoe.


The paper-thin crust, slightly crisp and caramelized, gives way to a tender satisfying interior; rich flavor, mildly sweet.

Chocolate Cherry

As far as we know, originally credits for this delight go to Nancy Silverton of La Brea fame. Is it bread or is it pastry?

Coffee Cake

Organic whole wheat pastry flour & whole wheat pastry flour, molasses, Vermont honey, sesame tahini, organic sugar.